Tuesday’s Tune

very stoked to see this dude’s performance next Monday.

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the weekend, photographed.

Twas a lovely weekend, complete with pretty fine weather. Had a mighty fun visit from mama rohn and papa hayden. we ate some big damn amounts of meat at a korean bbq place. we made some big damn salsa. saw reverend peyton and his big damn band. i got a big damn kink in my neck from said big damn band. discovered our little meme lost her first tooth. and finished it all off with a brisk yet pleasant pedal to capitol hill, where i book browsed and bought (one for the book club, and one just for me). i am starting to feel the faintest bite of annoyance toward the book club. i want to read when i feeeeel like reading. but i’m just being a poor sport. my book club is a group of delightful people. and now it’s past midnight, and i’m tired. goodnight!

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Take a bite.

cinnamon spice and everything ice. cream. dream.

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Oliver, please don’t touch your brother’s penis. You have your own.

Pretty much sums up my evening of the overnight nanny job I’m doing right now…it was a fun day. I never cease to learn something new through the eyes of children. I love them all. I wish i could post the photo I took of the two boys I’m caring for as they read their evening stories, but alas, creepy pedophiles do exist. The eldest boy, who will be 4 soon, was stretched out in his father’s chair, legs crossed, buck naked and stark white. His little brother, 18 months, sat next to him, chubby and clothed, really really into “Goodnight, Thumper”. Without cares, totally comfortable and content. Good night 🙂

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Last Weekend: Blackbird Station Opens

Went home last weekend. The five hour drive, sans radio, was made more interesting by photos of the newly installed, robot-like wind turbines near Vantage, and Shogo singing the hook to my rapping of “Gin and Juice”.Going home is always short and sweet, due to the 10 hours spent on the road out of the 50ish hours actually spent at home. But it was a reason for celebration: Shogo and I helped my rad mother with the opening of Blackbird Station, of which she is part owner. Shogo and I cranked out some posters that we made together especially for the opening. We even sold a few, which was an added excitement of the whole affair. Lots of family and friends stopped by. Good times!

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well hello. welome to my awkward blogging times.

with hopes of blossoming into a full-bodied rose of a blogger. ok, really i wanted to find something a little more interesting than “rose”, but when i googled “world’s largest flower” (I know, such an original way to think up something profound) what would pop up but-of course-a lovely floral creature known as Corpse Flower. serves me right. roses are beautiful. a special shout out to my Grandpa Joe, the shaded pair of eyes gracing my header.

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