the weekend, photographed.

Twas a lovely weekend, complete with pretty fine weather. Had a mighty fun visit from mama rohn and papa hayden. we ate some big damn amounts of meat at a korean bbq place. we made some big damn salsa. saw reverend peyton and his big damn band. i got a big damn kink in my neck from said big damn band. discovered our little meme lost her first tooth. and finished it all off with a brisk yet pleasant pedal to capitol hill, where i book browsed and bought (one for the book club, and one just for me). i am starting to feel the faintest bite of annoyance toward the book club. i want to read when i feeeeel like reading. but i’m just being a poor sport. my book club is a group of delightful people. and now it’s past midnight, and i’m tired. goodnight!

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