Last Weekend: Blackbird Station Opens

Went home last weekend. The five hour drive, sans radio, was made more interesting by photos of the newly installed, robot-like wind turbines near Vantage, and Shogo singing the hook to my rapping of “Gin and Juice”.Going home is always short and sweet, due to the 10 hours spent on the road out of the 50ish hours actually spent at home. But it was a reason for celebration: Shogo and I helped my rad mother with the opening of Blackbird Station, of which she is part owner. Shogo and I cranked out some posters that we made together especially for the opening. We even sold a few, which was an added excitement of the whole affair. Lots of family and friends stopped by. Good times!

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1 Response to Last Weekend: Blackbird Station Opens

  1. Karen says:

    I’m rad!

    Keep on writing, you are so good at it! Also keep: making art, eating healthy, exercising, smiling big and being such a wonderful human! Love ya!

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